Supporting the SpeedDown - Brake - Campaign

Supporting Road Safety Week

As a regular road user with a team of maintenance vehicles, vans, snow ploughs and lorry drivers, N and S Group are vigilant supporters of road safety. This week we are supporting Brakes’ road safety week of 2017, the biggest road safety event in the UK.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers of driving too fast, by highlighting the results of speeding in the UK;

Breaking the speed limit or travelling too fast for conditions is recorded by the police at crash scenes as a contributory factor in 23% of fatal crashes.

More and more people are learning to drive and many families now have more than one vehicle and with cars becoming increasingly more powerful it is vital more than ever to learn about driving safely by lowering your speed.

Drivers with one speeding violation annually are twice as likely to crash as those with none.

A recent Brake survey found that four in ten UK drivers admitted they sometimes drive at 30mph in 20mph zones.

Speeding down saves lives!

N and S Group have made a commitment to follow the six essential road safety pledges to save lives on the road. We hope you will too!

The six pledges are as follows

  • Slow
  • Sober
  • Secure
  • Silent
  • Sharp
  • Sustainable

For more information on these pledges and the Brake campaign plus how you can support it please visit the link below.