Staying safe at Halloween

Staying safe at Halloween. Take advantage of our seasonal discount

We’ve gathered a few useful hints and tips in preparation for Halloween night for private properties to keep in mind as scary season is almost upon us:

Clear walkways

Trick-or-treaters are too busy counting their sweetie stash to pay close attention to where they’re walking, so it’s critical to survey your property for potential trip and slip hazards. Be sure your drive is free of gardening equipment or anything kids are likely to trip over, clear walkways of loose gravel, and perhaps clean any moss off steps.

Light up the night

A dimly lit entrance helps set the spooky mood of Halloween, but it also increases the chance of an accident. Make sure the exterior lights of your home are working and consider turning on extra lights to illuminate the darkest areas of your property. Even if you’re not going to be home, leave on lights for safety reasons or make sure your motion sensor is active to dissuade unsavoury characters from vandalizing your home.

Keep your property safe

Put your car in the garage or somewhere in full sight. And, if you won’t be there, let your neighbours know and make sure you set your alarm system.

Be considerate and mindful

Keep all pets securely confined inside your home until the hustle and bustle of the night has passed. Use discretion when opening the door to strangers and go with your instincts if your house is approached by older youths or anyone who looks out of place.

We know a lot of retail and business sites have historically become victim to unwanted Halloween debris or damage.

For the Halloween and Bonfire night season, N&S Group are offering a 25% discount for any required clearance, grounds or building maintenance during this season.

Take advantage and contact us asap!