Security for your Business

Security for your Business

The security of business premises is always paramount to the safety of their staff, equipment and their confidential information. Many companies keep filing cabinets containing hard copies of client data and naturally also computers and systems, which remain in the building overnight.

Unfortunately, due to the world we live in, many thefts from businesses are opportunistic, with thieves seizing unguarded vehicles or property or noticing an opportunity to break in through unlocked windows, gates or fire doors or by slipping in unnoticed through incoming or outgoing guests or building tenants. These types of thefts involve the quick removal of possessions and getting away quickly, sometimes without detection until after the event. Quite often, the thieves will wear hats or high-necked scarves to cover their faces from CCTV, which might otherwise capture their identity.

We are also all aware of today’s terrorist threats and whilst these are highly unlikely to occur at any SME business, never say never. It is better to be prepared, than not.

How to Make Your Premises Secure

Doing nothing is not an option. Having a security policy in place acts as a deterrent to thieves and is also as a way of making your workforce feel more secure with the knowledge that steps have been taken to protect them and their possessions.

We have listed a few possible steps of consideration:

Installing CCTV

Security for your Business CCTVAn effectively installed CCTV system is an ideal way to monitor your site premises and capture to be alerted of any potential threats.

Different types of CCTV installations are available, such as monitored cameras (in this instance, cameras are manned by a trained professional and any movement causing concern alerts him/her to take the appropriate action.)

Other CCTV options include un-monitored cameras, which constantly record and offer a play back facility for viewing incidents of concern at a specified time or date post recording.

Static Manned Security

This option involves a Security Guard in position, patrolling around the site premises, offering a visible deterrent with access to instant forms of communication, such as a Wi-Fi headset, giving opportunity for a quick relay of information to other guards throughout the premises, alerting them of any potential threats and/or to call for additional assistance.

A good example of this kind of security is usually in place at a Warehouse or Distribution centre, where delivery vehicles are incoming and outgoing on a regular basis. The Guard can over-see all visitors and check the vehicle has the required permissions to enter and carrying the expected weight.

Mobile Patrol Security

Whilst manned security can involve a static guard (such as a Gatehouse or Door/Reception Supervision) a Mobile Patrol Security Guard will constantly patrol your site/premises, offering a visible deterrent but also can monitor any potential threats.

Working in conjunction with CCTV, a Mobile Patrol Guard can be alerted to any threat and take the required actions very quickly. This is the ultimate in manned security.

Mobile Security Guards are actively used in large retail, industrial, corporate and distribution company sites

Key holding and Alarm Response

This kind of Security involves the distribution of a key in circumstances if or when your site alarm is activated the Security guard will then respond on-site as soon as possible. The advantage of this kind of Security is that a trained professional will be the first on scene upon alarm activation, rather than a member of staff.

The alarm activation could be a false alarm, but it could just as easily be a real incident that you don’t want staff being unnecessarily exposed to.

Our Security Service

At N&S Group, we can offer any or all of the above Security Services, including an initial threat level assessment, as part of, or separate to our overall Facilities Management.

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