Planting daffodils - Grounds Maintenance

Preparing Your Business Grounds for Spring

As we progress through mid-January, although we are still in the midst of Winter, our attentions are slowly turning to the preparation of the ground, ready for Spring and the planning of beds and plants that will pop through the soil during this season.

Below are suggestions for optimising the space to achieve a bright and beautiful spring picture for visiting guests

Planting Spring Flowers/Bulbs

Planting snowdrops - Grounds MaintenancePlease get in touch if you are wanting to plant spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and snowdrops and you will see some of these bulbs pushing through the soil ready to bloom in the next few weeks.

Various species of daffodils give a wonderful blast of yellow during the late winter months and prepare us for the spring ahead.

Planting various bulbs such as tulips and bluebells, could serve as the start of the colour show. We can make lots of suggestions, depending on your grounds and the colours you want to see.

Clearing Up Flower Beds and Borders

Many flower beds and borders will have been left over Winter and will now look rather untidy.

Dead flowers, bushes that have shed their leaves etc which will have put a certain amount of goodness back in to the soil over the winter could now potentially be obscuring spring bulbs and spoiling the general appearance of your Business grounds. Contact us for a pre-spring clear up and we’ll knock 20 per cent off your bill.

Preparing the Soil for the Year Ahead

As we crawl towards spring, it is important after removing the growth from the previous year, that the soil is prepared ready for the year ahead.

This can be done by waiting until the soil is workable (not hard due to frost etc) and mix in approx. 5cm of Organic matter such as manure or compost in to the beds and/or borders. This is something our grounds maintenance teams can do quickly and efficiently.

This will release much needed nutrition and help feed the soil for the upcoming months.

Removing the Early Weeds

Preparing your business for Spring - Grounds MaintenanceIt is always great to see the first snowdrops appear but unfortunately the weeds don’t take long to grow and if not taken care of, can spread at an alarming rate.

At this time of year, it is quite easy to remove the weeds, as the root system will be shallow. Act quickly because allowed to grow, they will become far more troublesome to remove.

Let us be your Grounds Maintenance Team

At N&S Group we are experts in all the above techniques. Our aim is to advertise our skills through producing well kept, beautiful grounds for all our clients, making sure your business site looks great throughout the year. For a 20 per cent discount on spring ready maintenance, please contact us.

Call us on 01709 583708 or fill the ‘Request Call Back’ form on this page.