Blocked Drainage Facilities Management

A Highlight From Our Many Years In Facilities Management Services

We’ve had so many interesting, challenging and humorous scenarios over the history of providing Facilities Management with N&S Group, (or Newman’s as we were once known), that it’s very difficult to single out any one incident.

As we get ready to start our winter season for the 45th year, a client asked if we had any Facilities Management jobs that really stood out for us?

Peter Newman (owner of N&S Group) managed to dredge up this memory (excuse the pun!)….an ongoing drainage problem with a giant supermarket retailer, who had an issue with a brook running through their premises that kept over flowing and flooding their car park.

They’d had every drainage company out in the region and yet the problem kept re-occurring.

N&S Group decided to hire a team of divers to investigate exactly where the problem was coming from. After several attempts, the divers found the cause…a pile of trolleys that had fallen or been dumped into the brook and become wedged downstream, at the mouth of an outlet pipe, causing the flooding and a 12-foot-high back up of slurry! Yuk!

N&S Group brought in an articulated lorry with an extendable metal strap, attached it to the trolleys and one by one, with the help of the divers, literally dragged them out of the water, before slowly removing the slurry.

To say our clients were grateful is an understatement as we had finally managed to fix what had been an ongoing nightmare for them.

It’s this type of job that makes what we do worthwhile…solving seemingly impossible problems and finding a resolution where others have failed.

If you are having any problems with your site, drainage or otherwise, please give our Facilities Management team a chance to become your site maintenance heroes!

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