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Flytipping on your Site? Shift It – Dont Burn It!

What is Flytipping?

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish and waste which costs the UK taxpayer many millions every year.

The dumping of rubbish can range from small carrier bags, newspapers to kitchen appliances and can weigh many tonnes.

As you would expect this is a serious offence and anyone caught and prosecuted for Flytipping can receive a fine of up to £5000 and/or up to 5 years jail sentence.

Flytipping rubbish
Flytipping is a nuisance. Let us remove it for you

Cost to the Taxpayer

During 2016-17 the UK taxpayer had to pay a staggering £58m to clear up over a million issues of illegal flytipping.

Unfortunately this figure has risen now for four consecutive years according to figures from the Governments website Fly Tipping Statistics

Local councils handed out around 56,000 fixed penalty notices to people who were caught illegally dumping rubbish or waste.

Disposing of Flytipping Waste On a Bonfire

Flytipping is a nuisance any time of the year and during Guy Fawkes night, bonfires are burning everywhere… if you are having one is yours legal?

Its tempting to burn rubbish that’s been dumped uninvited on your business site on the night where noone will think anything of it…but will they?

Harmful Emissions

At this time of year, local councils and environmental agencies are on watch for any emission of toxic fumes or unauthorised fires that come to their attention.

The burning of Business and Commercial waste is an offence and should be disposed of via a licensed waste carrier, or taken to an authorised site and disposed of appropriately.

Removing Your Waste

As a licenced waste carrier for over 40 years, N & S Group are very capable movers of unwanted debris of any kind.

It’s not just an eyesore, but also a significant health and safety hazard.

Don’t burn it! Call us to shift it on 01709 583708 or fill in our contact form at

We have exceptional response rates and can be with you same day or latest next day.