With so much rain around at the moment, potholes can start to become a nuisance. Traditional potholing methods often see holes re-occur within months of being filled, but N & S Group are now using a unique permafill formula, (provided in the UK solely by Ground Control). The filled surface will stay filled permanently and thus avoid any potential accidents involving people or vehicles. Potholes just get bigger if ignored and could end up costing more through a hefty damages bill so it’s best to get them dealt with before the snow and ice make it bigger and deeper.

This particular filling product is imported exclusively through our contract’s supplier, is guaranteed for 3 years, and allows super quick and efficient pothole repair in any weather conditions. It can be driven over immediately with no need for road closures. This particular repair alternative also produces minimal environmental impact and is a completely mess free solution. We guarantee a quote within 48 hours and can be on-site to fix the potholes within 2-3 working days.

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