Falling Leaves Causing Drainage Problems For Your Business

Falling Leaves Causing Drainage Problems For Your Business

Now we have entered September it is time to prepare your business for the upcoming Autumn months and the perils of nearby trees shedding their leaves.

Whilst the Autumnal trees look great with the various yellow and red leaf colours unfortunately this doesn’t last long and within a few weeks the trees will be dropping these on to the floor and more problematically on to roof and guttering.

Clogged Drains and Gutters

This one might seem obvious, but a build-up of leaves are the leading culprit of clogged drains and gutters. If that water isn’t draining, it’s sitting around seeping through the ground and potentially into your building. Clearing drains and gutters is essential maintenance for any building to stop them from getting clogged, leading to broken guttering roof damage or even water pollution.

N&S Group use top of the range rod and jet equipment to make sure every bit of leaf debris is effectively removed and the guttering is thoroughly cleaned.

It isn’t however just the roof and guttering you need to concern about when the Autumn leaves are falling, they can cause various damage at ground level too.

Less Evaporation, More Groundwater

In the spring and summer, you can rely on the sun to help dry up some of that moisture left after a rain storm, but in the autumn, unless leaves are removed regularly, they will block sunlight from reaching the lawn. This doesn’t just kill the grass, it traps groundwater and keeps the grass saturated for longer.

When the next rain fall comes, there is a danger of the ground becoming water logged or even cause flooding, since the ground is already saturated.

Stagnated water can breed flies and other unwanted insects.

Wet leaves when fallen on concrete such as pathways also can cause a slip hazard therefore potentially causing injury so it is vital they are cleared as soon as possible.

Make sure your business site is ready for the Autumn.

For the month of October, N&S Group are running a 20% discount for all commercial grounds maintenance services booked through us.

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