Emergency Repair at Lakeside Doncaster

Our everyday heroes……

N&S Group pride themselves on a same day response rate for any emergency maintenance or building service issues that require quick action.

A normal day in the life of our Emergency Buildings Maintenance Team can involve anything from locating and resolving drainage problems to removing fly tipping rubbish or rescuing stranded birds from roof tops.

Broken window on the top storey at the Lakeside Doncaster
Broken window on the top storey at the Lakeside Doncaster

On Monday, on one of the windiest days of the year our ‘on duty’ chap rushed out to a top storey badly broken window at one of the sites we look after at Lakeside, Doncaster.

He cordoned the area off as soon as he arrived and made it safe, by clearing the broken glass and checking there was no other damage anywhere else.

He waited until the strong wind was blowing in the right direction before organising a cherry picker for the window to be safely cleared and sealed. We spent time with site staff and reported the criminal damage to police to ensure extra night time patrols were laid on for the future.

The safety of our customers is paramount to our service. In addition to emergency call outs for site maintenance problems, we can also offer security access consultations, to test how secure your business site and systems are.

For peace of mind, contact us on 01709 583708 or via our website