Don’t let Potholes on your business premises become a hazard

Potholes or small dents in pavements or car parks that occurred over the winter can soon become bigger quickly, especially during an English summer when surfaces expand as they heat up in the higher temperatures, whilst still absorbing water from rainfall.

Traditional potholing methods can soon see holes re-occur within months of being filled, but by using a unique permafill formula, (provided in the UK solely by Ground Control), the filled surface stays safe, thus avoiding any potential accidents to people or vehicles.

N&S Group are delighted to have recently become a trained field potholing team for Ground Control, who have sourced a unique formula for a speedy, long-term effective solution to potholes.

We are very excited about the roll out of this service and can’t wait to demonstrate its amazing results to existing and new customers alike!

Please contact us if you have any holes anywhere on your premises and we will be happy to send someone to site asap.