Autumn Lawn Care
Autumn Lawn Care

It is that time of year that your mind has to turn to Autumn Lawn Care.

Autumn is a busy time for lawns.

They need to be scarified, the soil needs aerating and a top dressing needs to be applied. N and S Group Grounds Maintenance teams use a nourishing autumn fertiliser for the lawns we take care of, as the end of September is traditionally a good growing time and the best time to feed the ground.

During mid-Autumn, the grass will slow down due to the colder weather coming in, so our teams will then raise the blades to Winter height. It’s always handy to have experienced landscapers around during the Autumn months, as this is the time to prepare the area and it’s imperative this is done well, in order to preserve the goodness it will need to survive the winter months.

Late Autumn and winter is not a good time for any lawn, hence our recommended reduction in cutting, whilst still keeping it looking presentable. We give our site lawns more of a light occasional skim at this time and keep an eye on what’s happening with any adjoining plants or bushes that need cutting back before the cold weather sets in.

If your grassed areas are looking a little tired or in need of attention, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

We have been looking after grass successfully for over 45 years!

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